Sample Logistics specialises in providing Logistics and Consultancy Services to a wide range of industries

We provide a complete logistical solutions ranging from Warehousing, Distribution and Supply Chain Management. Our world class customer service is built around a team of highly experienced, dedicated and knowledgeable individuals who work closely with our global service providers.



By utilising our extensive experience within the marine industry, we transport a non-exhaustive list of commodities ranging from marine bunker samples, water samples, lubricant oil samples, sampling bottle kits etc with great success and efficiency.

Medical and Agriculture

Through the support of our global partners, it complements our expertise in pioneering the transport of medical and agricultural samples around the globe. This ranges from Human Exempt Specimens to livestock samples and agricultural consumables.

Minerals and Metals

In conjunction with our progressive knowledge, global transportation of mineral and metal samples is now not only possible, but with success. This include samples in their solid state ranging from granules, ores, ingots towards their liquid state.

Dangerous Goods

With the support of our certified in-house Dangerous Goods expert, we offer qualified and honest advice on moving Dangerous Goods. This include all steps from Dangerous Goods packaging to sourcing logistics solutions for the utmost challenging requests.